Let’s start with a question.

Are you getting trouble in ranking on Google?

Well, you are stuck in keywords. But can’t come up.

Good news, we have a solution of 3-letter word Long Tail Keywords.

You need more conversions and you can get it with long tail keywords.

So, what are they?

Why they are important?

Well, let’s get started.

Long Tail Keywords; SEO Services Basics

Long Tail keywords are extended search phrases. Make at least three to five phrases in the query. These illustrate a searcher with a specific intention. When people enter a five or six phrase keyword into search engines, they have a more specific result in mind.

Think about, how much more specific the Google search is, where SEO Adelaide internet marketing is more specific as compared to SEO Adelaide. Sure, the shorter search has much higher volume per month but the long tail keyword is a much clearer message.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords

You are a smart marketer if you use long tail keywords. You can present special intentions with the keywords. You can focus on the pain points and desires of the targeted audience.  Compared to a general keyword like shoes, these long tail keywords are much easier to target.

With your SEO and much better for your ROI over time. As you rank for more of these long tail keywords, your website will build its authority on search so that eventually you can go after higher volume and keywords that are more authoritative.

According to research, 70% of web searches are by long tail keywords.

Having 70% of traffic with long tail keywords is the one piece of the puzzle. Let’s move on the bigger picture.

The second up is that long tail keywords are the way of generating organic traffic.

Well, let’s sum up the reasons why you should use long tail keywords.

Rank Up in Competition

Well, long tail keywords are specific to the problem or the niche. So, it doesn’t have much competition on the line. The study indicated that long tail keywords affect more than single word keywords.

So, long tail keywords are overtaking the competition.

More Conversion Rates

According to research, the conversation rate of a long-tail keyword is up to 36% and the normal ones have 11.45%.

You see, the difference is huge.

It doesn’t give the surety of conversations but yet it can happen.

Long tail keywords can solidify the CRO funnel.

Direct Context to Content

Google can bring up your content when it is relevant. The keywords you use should directly link to the context of your article. The long tail keywords can strengthen your search results as it can exactly explain the pain point.

Fuel up your Blog Strategy

The power of content writing is not hidden from anyone. The blog is the best way to make and fuel up your ranking. The long tail keywords have to used with the correct context, URL, tag and text.

You think your one article will help, well it will not.

You have to be consistent.

Continuously create articles with long tail keywords, this will bring up more traffic.

Add value with long tail keywords.

More Value to Reader

The main thing to focus on is the value of customers. The long tail keywords strengthen SEO and CRO. Moreover, it ensures the creditability. Well, the focus should be on the reader only. Provide valuable content that helps the reader so that they stay on your website.

It is a tried and tested method for the traffic.

In the search engine world, there is a demand curve. Lots and lots of searchers are searching for very popular keywords. Some searches are for long tail keywords. The keywords, which contain 1 or more phrases.  The longer the keyword generally the more likely someone is to make a purchase after searching that keyword. This is because long tail keywords have much more commercial intent than broad keywords.