With time the SEO is becoming harder and harder.

Ask yourself, should you even do SEO anymore?

If you ask me. I would answer, Of course, you should.

SEO is relevant as ever.

You know the basics of SEO. However, you are blocked in by digging deep.

Here’s a thing. Many companies provide SEO services, which include SEO experts, which have deep knowledge of how it works. It takes time to do that.

Well, SEO changes a lot. It is developing with each year, I mean almost 500-600 times a year.

It is often assumed that basics don’t give enough to rank your website.

Well let me tell you, it’s wrong.

The people who assume that often have limited knowledge of SEO, and that is the way that the website turns into a disaster.

Get hands-on these 3 basic steps and truly, you would be able to enjoy the mind-boggling benefits later.

Here are the 3 basics we will cover in the article.

  1. Links
  2. Content
  3. Meta Description and Headlines

So, now you have the basics set on. Let’s dig deep in to understand about them.

Basic # 1: Links

Let’s face it, many things affect your ranking but, without links, you would be at the bottom of the stack.

Links are the key factors for Google from years.

Not too long ago there was a team who analyzed the Google search results and they found that as the links of the site decreases, the rank of the website decreases as well.

Links from large DA websites are a trust signal to Google.

However, links can be difficult to come; there are many proactive methods that can allow you to get backlinks.

The two are loved by most.

Publish an organic case study

Always try to have a natural way of doing things, especially in terms of SEO. Just create an article consisting of your interesting data or original study by you. Link it to your website, this is a natural backlink. If you don’t have data you can also create a case study which can produce leads for you.


It is a simple yet amazing technique to gain backlinks. Remember, the websites where you see images, names, position and link on the website with a testimonial.

This can be you.

You can combine the data and list of companies you worked with and then email them. Mention in email that you would like to offer a testimonial.

This can improve creditability.

Basic # 2: Content

Remember never underestimate the power of content. Never neglect it. It has the power to bring your website on the first page. Obviously, not alone but yet together with more considerations it can.

Google announced three ranking factors one of which was content.

Why content is dear to SEO, doesn’t require a sharp mind. It is common sense.

Many SEO services providers show that Google always loves fresh, hot content, which is continuously produced.

Don’t miss out the opportunity like that.

Let’s know how to produce SEO friendly content.

Long Term Content

To give a depth in your content, your content has to be lengthy. Long content gives you the benefit of the utility of your site’s visitors and space to target keywords.

  • Different Content

You can try a different type of contents for your niche. There are different readers so different content serves different people.

Use video content that will be engaging. Videos are shareable, linkable and beneficial for your traffic.

  • Repurpose Old Content

Content is never a waste. It is yours. You created it for a purpose. Never fail that purpose after a certain point. Repurpose your content to keep that content fresh. Transform it swiftly with SEO friendly tactics.

This serves two purposes. It saves time that new content creation will consume and it will unbury the old content.

Basic # 3: Meta Description and Headlines

You search for articles on Google and get to know about the headline and Meta description of your post. This is the first thing seen by people.

Well, you can familiar with the power of Meta description. Almost all SEO Services Providers focus on it.

It is a kind of the first impression of your website. And you know it, it should be good.

Though it is not the direct ranking signal for search engines. But it helps the people to decide whether to click on the result or not.

Keep CTR (click through rate) in mind, as it is an important factor. You can optimize your headline and Meta description with a focus keyword to improve CTR.

Few considerations for Meta descriptions

  • Keywords in the beginning
  • Catchy can clickable


SEO is a tough nut to crack. It is not impossible. If you master these 3 basics of SEO, then it is easy for you to bring up you game. Many SEO experts and SEO Services providers focus on these tactics.

Master them and be the master of SEO