Do you need traffic?

Well, everyone does.

Belonging to the digital era, you need to work hard on generating traffic to enhance sales.

For this, you need SEO.

With the help of SEO experts whether in-house or SEO services providers, you can device an amazing SEO strategy.

You must have read a lot of articles and blogs regarding SEO and there are countless tips to improve your website’s SEO.

After reading, learning and strategizing, it draws to you that on-page SEO is for the user benefit and it has the power to bring new visitors on your website.

Where On-page SEO can be explained as optimizing your website, the way that it ranks search engines and brings traffic on your page.

With the On-page checklist of 2020, we will present you the essential things to pay attention to.

On-Page SEO Elements

The On-Page SEO comprises of elements, which are divided into 3 categories.

HTML Element

  • Page Titles
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt text
  • Structured markup

Site Architecture Elements

  • Page URLs
  • Internal Linking
  • Mobile responsiveness

Content Elements

  • High-quality content
  • Site speed

On-Page SEO Checklist

It is difficult to organize and track all the on-page SEO elements. Well, our team is here with the solution, you’re in luck. We present you the on-page SEO checklist for 2020.

  • Crawl your website
  • Carry out an SEO audit
  • Define your site architecture
  • Update URLs, page titles and meta descriptions
  • Create value propositions for each page of your website
  • Define the target audience
  • Add new page titles
  • New Meta descriptions
  • Track keywords and topics
  • Add visual content
  • Add internal links
  • Optimize conversions

Let’s discuss each part in detail below.

Crawl your website

First things first, you have to get the overview of your website which is indexed by search engines. You must have the URL, page title and Meta description of your website.

Carry out an SEO audit and arrange

When you have the excel file for the basic indexed pages, you have to organize and prioritize the web pages.

Update URLs, page titles and Meta descriptions

For the URLs, you have to see the current information regarding the URL, page title and Meta description and then you have to see the changes which have to be made. If they need an update then you have to update the elements.

The recommendation of Meta description is 155-160 characters now so keep it this way. You can add the keywords where they are missing.

Create value propositions for each page of your website

The value proposition is often overlooked. You have to create this for each page. Apart from ranking, the goal of each page should be different.

Define the target audience

To get hands on the on-page SEO you have to understand your target audience. Keep the audience in mind as you optimize your site’s page.

Add new page titles

As you have analyzed your existing Pages and titles, you need to plan the new pages, which are not there. You can have the new page by the formula of keyword phrase/ context.

New Meta descriptions

A Meta description is a small paragraph that depicts the crust of the article. If you don’t have Meta descriptions for the articles then you have to create new. You have to choose the paragraph of 150-character limit to tell visitors as much as possible about your page.

Track keywords and topics

You have to think about the target audience and the target keywords about a particular page and topic. This allows you to go in more depth and provides the details about the topic. Optimizing for one keyword per pages gives you a great chance to rank for that keyword.

Add visual content

Visual content creates a great chance to attract users to your website. You have to know that content can be and have to be more than just text. When you include visual elements to pages this adds value to that page.

Add internal links

As the name implies internal linking means that you have to link your one page to another content of your website. This a must but this is often overlooked. You have to use interlinking so that the user stays at your website for longer.

Optimize conversions

You have to optimize your website to increase the leads, subscribers, and customers, if you are not doing so then you are on the wrong track.

Edit and Add content as needed

You have to add the content that is clear and that provides solutions to the customers. Remember as you have indicated the target audiences then write content for them. Compelling content, which is error free, can allow more clicks and visitors.

When you have a checklist provided by us, check it out and incorporate the things not present in your on-page SEO. SEO is something, which you have to do continuously, and then it will give benefits for the months to come.