How do you get authoritative sites in your niche to link to you, even if you don’t have a high budget?

Well, if you have asked yourself this question, then here we are to provide you with skyscraper off-page SEO techniques.

SEO is the way to increase traffic to your website by obtaining high-rank placement in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

To improve the position of SERP, SEO has two techniques on-page and off-page SEO which are used by SEO experts and SEO services providers.

In this article, we will discuss mainly off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

In simple words, off page SEO will help to make your website popular on the internet. You can get more visibility through it.

On-page SEO techniques help to get visibility in search engines while Off-Page SEO techniques will help to improve your website position in SERP.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Here we have enlisted 10 Off-page SEO techniques for the year 2019.

Sharable Content

Amazing content is the king of SEO. You have to create amazing and shareable content in the smart way to generate more natural backlinks to website and blog.

Research often and keep your content fresh and updated.

Influencer Outreach

If you have created any content, which is share-worthy, then don’t hesitate to reach out influencers in your industry. Tell them to check your blog and ask for the links back from their blogs.

Remember that you have to get the links, which are completely relevant domains.

Contribute as a guest author

Many good and quality blogs are open for guest posts from various authors. Pitch out for them, write astounding research piece, and reach them with the content for guest posting.

Focus on quality backlinks rather than quantity backlinks for your specific website. Remember not to posts again and again on the same guest blog site.

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is one of the major off-page SEO techniques. If you want to make your business, website or blog popular then engage to visitors to your social media platforms. The social media presence will help you grow your business and help you get backlinks.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Well, when it comes to off-page SEO, social bookmarking sites are one to the best platforms to promote your business.

When you bookmark your webpage or a blog, on the popular bookmarking website, you gain high traffic to your blog or web page.

Forum Submission

You can add your content on the search forums, which are related to your website and business. This will help you make connections. You should reply to the threads, answer to people’s suggestions and advice. Make use of Do-follow forums.

Blog Directory Submission

The directory submission is constantly working to build quality backlinks. You have to choose an effective directory and select a proper category. You have to avoid mass spamming directories at all costs. However, this takes some time to deliver good results.

High PR Article Submission Directory

You have to submit your article on the high PR article submission directory. With that, you can give links to your website. But you have to make sure that your content is of high quality and unique. Low-quality content that has more keyword stuffing might be rejected.

Quality always wins over quantity. Give a good title and choose the right category for your content.

Q & A

The best ways to get high traffic is from question and answer. Join high PR question answer sites. Search for the questions related to your business, blog or website. However, make sure you give clear answers to the question. You can also give the link to your website, which will help in bringing more visibility.

Video Submission

32% of marketers say that visuals images are the most important form of content. 51% of B2B marketers prioritize creating visual assets. If you want to make the videos of your business popular then head to the popular video submission sites.

Make a proper submission with a proper title, description, tags and reference links. Indeed this is a highly popular way to acquire backlinks. Optimize your videos with correct URL and title tags.

The proper on-page and off-page SEO optimization work will give a better position to your website in SERP. Remember to note that PA, DA, and PR of each website before heading to it for Off-site SEO.