Are you aware of the #1 factor when it comes to search engine ranking?

Well, according to the study conducted by MOZ, 150 experts were asked to rate the influence exerted by board areas of ranking factors on Google’s search algorithm. Each area was rated on a scale of 1 to 10, in which Domain level link features ranked as 8.22 and Page level link features 8.19.

It is pretty clear that the # 1 factor is Links.

When we talk about SEO then the links are the most powerful asset of marketer’s. The off-page SEO accounts the ability to rank for the specific keyword, build authoritative and relevant links on your website from external sites.

You must have often heard, that link building is tricky, it’s critical. Well, yes it is. That is why is the inbound marketing tactics, which needs dedication and understanding that success won’t happen overnight.

So, the question must have popped on your mind, that how you can get it through?

You need not to worry, you are totally in luck.

We are here to provide you amazing tactics for link building.

Let’s dig into the 7 powerful link building tactics to improve your SEO optimization.

Link-Building Tactics for Off-Page SEO

Submission to Website Directories

First things first, whether you have an SEO expert in-house or you are consulting SEO Services Providers, one of the few tactics is submission to website directories and you have full control over it. Get hold of the free ones and jumpstart on your link building efforts.

Remarkable Content Creation

Create remarkable content that others can naturally want to link to. The content, which is specifically, created with the goal of generating links to the website. The content includes infographics, viral videos, content, and research.


However, networking takes times, but it is effective to keep your business alive in the minds of people. You can make a list of authoritative websites and then start building networks with them.

Optimize Social Media Presence

While this is the age of social media, you require having an efficient social media presence.  It is true that some of the social media sites have “nofollow” tags like you don’t get any SEO juice on your social media platforms. But, still, even though the links may not benefit your search engine ranking but they are external links to your website. This points them directly to your website, which is the ultimate goal.

Ask For Links

Clearly, we are not suggesting you to beg or bribe for links, but there can be certain situations in which it is okay to ask the blogger to link back to you. In many cases, there are chances that they didn’t have your business specific SEO strategy in mind when they mentioned you and they may be perfectly happy to grant the link request.

Submitting News Releases

News releases are a great way to get the word out about your company’s product, but they also have great SEO benefits. Every time you release news, you get an inbound link. There are many news release distribution services, which charge for their services, but there are a few free ones, you can leverage them.

Guest Blogging

So, if you are a writer or you have content writers on board, you are well aware of guest blogging. We have saved the best for the last. Guest blogging is the most effective way to generate quality links. Simply put, guest blogging is publishing your amazing content on different websites and getting a link to your website or a blog in return. Use the websites with best DA and this is a win-win situation for you.