You write a blog and spend time on its perfection and you don’t get traffic.

Well, this is devastating.

Writing blogs that rank high on Google is a tough task. However, is not impossible. According to research if you are blogging consistently that it is 13 times more likely that you get a chance of positive ROI.

You need a lot to rank well on Google. You must have a system, which you have to implement constantly. Only then, it will help you built up the ranking.

In this article, I will present you something, which will allow you to optimize for keywords to have a high ranking on Google.

Optimize for Keywords

Blogging helps many people to excel. The experts of industry have embraced blogging and they have succeeded. Keyword optimization is a highly important part of SEO strategy. Keywords are like the keys to the on-page SEO.

Doing this right can do wonders for your business. Well, to do it you have to understand that what keywords are the best for your articles.

To do any action, you need to do extensive research about writing.

Keywords in your title

If you have to optimize for your keyword the basic word you have to do is you have to include it in your title. It’s basic that the closer you keep your keyword more likely it will rank high on Google results. To support my saying here is the link of research, which tells the importance of keyword at the beginning of the title.

The results show that they have the keyword placement at the beginning of the article.

Use of keywords a few time in the article

Flooding keywords in the article is an old SEO technique, which is highly not recommended by me. However, you should include keywords in the article, but you should not flood the article with keywords that have low readability.

You can use alternative related keywords in the article, which can help you increase your ranking.

Use LSI Keywords

This is an advanced SEO technique, to rank your article high on Google. These are known to be Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

This advanced SEO technique is often used by SEO Service providers to rank your website high.

These are related terms that Google uses to define the quality of the content. You can use the related content, which can ensure you to rank your articles as high quality.

Include Keywords in Headings

While now you understand to include the keywords in the title and much in the article, now I would like to tell you that, to ensure high ranking you could use keywords in the different sections of specific headings.

You can use the keywords in H2 or H3 headings as H1 is for the title of the article.

If you include the key phrase in the heading, it is highly likely to be detected by Google.

You can also add the phrases in the subheadings.

Make sure you don’t overuse the keyword, as it lowers down the readability.


Writing a blog is hard. If you write it to the level of perfection and still it isn’t ranked then it is truly devastating. Using keywords in your article is not enough you need to optimize the keywords to get high ranking.