There is an SEO tool, the tool that helps you grow your traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche. Well, that is long tail keywords.

Now, today, we’re going to dig deep into the growing your search traffic part with long tail keywords, and the byproduct will be dominating your niche.

Now, I’m excited and I hope you are too, so let’s get to it.

So what are long tail keywords?

Long Tail Keywords

The long tail keywords have small searched and low search volumes but they can have huge total search demand as a group.

It is directly linked to the pain point. The pain point for which the researcher searches Google.

The long tail keyword is unpopular and highly focused queries.

For example, someone wants SEO services in Adelaide, instead of searching for SEO Adelaide; a long tail keyword like SEO Adelaide internet marketing and Adelaide SEO services is more focused on the query.

You need long tail keywords, but the question is how you get them.

How to find long tail keywords?

Finding long tail keywords can be hectic. But, it is not impossible so, get your hands on it and do wonders to your business.

Search on Google

The best thing you can do is search on Google for Google. Well, the idea is simple. Type your topic and get the autocomplete suggestions.

These will bring up your long tail keywords.

People also ask box

When you search something on Google you can get on the People also ask box. This can bring up related researches.

Google Planner

Use the keyword-planning tool for yourself. The tool like Google planner can be of great help. This can allow you to get the long tail keywords with lower search volume and making it purposeful.

Combine the Longtail Keywords

It is essential for you to get a hold on the potential long tail keywords. Well, once you get them, it’s better to combine them in one document. I know it sounds painful. But, the software makes it easy, get one and add the keywords which are required.

Now when you have a potential list of keywords, you can now dig out the terms, which are not clear, and doesn’t communicate through.


Well, forums are my favorite ones to find keywords. Well, numbers of people are asking and answering questions there, you can find your long tail keywords.

Now with the forum, you know that what people are searching for, so yes you can target that.

Google Trends

Google knows it all. The trendy things come in notice of Google as soon as it is born. Google trends can tell you which keywords are in the market according to your niche.

This is a kick-off campaign for you. You know what works and what not to do what is trending.

Keywords are a gold mine and long tail keywords are gold. Well, discovering long tail keywords is easy and is created in minutes, you can use them to generate more traffic.