SEO Adelaide Pros provide comprehensive SEO audit (website audit) service that offers an in-depth website analysis and give you a full report about the health of your website. It also offers best suggestions w can simply help you improve the online visibility of your site.

SEO a site audit is usually the first step we take that helps us identify all kinds of general and technical issues. Our professional SEO experts manually search for both on-page and off-page issues and prevent your website from different issues.


Types of the audit we offer


Local SEO audit

Our local SEO audit will help you identify the issues that are preventing your website to rank well in the local search engines. Our professionals will review all the onsite and offsite errors to make your reputation strong in the market.

Technical audit

A web-friendly website is the critical need for search engines. If your website is full of technical errors, you won’t be able to win the competition. Our professionals carefully analyze the code and help you crawl all the significant issues that are creating troubles to rank your website in the search engine.

SEO content audit

Our SEO professionals perform SEO content audit that help you analyze content on the website and identify all the content relevancy issues that are causing confusion for Google to understand what your website is all about. Poor content can cause low rankings and decreased traffic.

Competitive audit

To know about your competition can help you create a better position in the market. We help you analyze your biggest competitors, how well they are performing, what kind of strategies they are using, and at what points you are lacking. With detailed competitive audit, we help you clear everything about the competition and this in turn create more opportunities to grow and perform better.

Reasons your website needs a detailed audit:

  • When your organic traffic starts to decline
  • Slow page loading
  • Major technical issues
  • Website is not secure
  • Outdated or poor content
  • Inefficient mobile experiences
  • Broken links
  • Content duplication
  • Blocked, or hidden content issues
  • Not following proper guidelines

Our website audit services:

Whether you are looking for a website backlink audit or looking for full in-depth analysis, our team is here to help. We start with a brief the consultation that will determine what you will gain from the website audit process.
Our pricing is based on your website size and the type of audit you are looking for. We provide you a quote after complete demonstration.


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